4k and 8k video files updates

Anticipation Ends: New Videos on the Horizon

Hello, dear viewers! It feels like forever, and we know you’ve been eagerly waiting for our next upload. The good news? The wait is almost over. Several new videos are in the pipeline, ready to grace your screens soon.

Understanding the Silence

While our passion for creating has never waned, there have been a couple of significant roadblocks we encountered. Personal matters took precedence, and we hope you understand. Additionally, we’ve grappled with hardware challenges. Crafting high-resolution 4k and 8k loops isn’t just about the quality – it’s about the immense time and effort they demand. The workflow, at the moment, feels like an uphill climb.

Testing the Waters with YouTube Drafts

Despite these challenges, our commitment remains unwavering. We’ve uploaded some test footages in draft format on YouTube. The only lingering question? The duration of these videos. Our community is split between the usual 1-minute loops and the ambitious idea of 10-hour long videos. While we’ve experimented with the latter, the resulting file sizes (think 150GB!) have given us pause.

The Middle Ground

To strike a balance, we’re considering capping the videos at 10 minutes. This ensures you enjoy an extended experience without compromising on video quality or our upload capacities. We’re in the process of fine-tuning this approach.

More Than Just Videos

Apart from video content, we’re excited to share another update. Prepare to be captivated by our new image galleries, set to be released as image stock. It’s a little something for everyone – from videophiles to photo enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your patience and support. Navigating these challenges hasn’t been easy, but your understanding makes it worth the effort. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases – we promise they’ll be worth the wait!