Content creators

As a Creative Commons artist, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing Content Creators making use of your work. RoyaltyFreeTube has been picked by huge influencers all around the world. Game and Tech channels, Musician & Filmmakers, and not to forget live streamers. Here is a selection of Content Creators that make use of Royaltyfreetube.

Linus Tech Tips

With over 10 Million subscribers it’s an honor to have this Youtuber using Royaltyfreetube’s stock footage in their project!

Dr. Misho, a famous Youtuber with 250K subscribers is well known for his Minecraft videos in the Minecraft community. He used the Robot animation for his outro and gave it a nice twist by adding an audio visualiser.

Dr Misho

When it comes to your daily dose of awesome stuff about the mysterious universe, SEA provides you! 200K Subscribers and growing! It’s awesome to see creators with similar interests using my work. In this case, he used some of the nebula footage.